One of the recurring tasks of most HR managers of any company is keeping its designated FIRST AIDERS updated in training and certification. It becomes a challenge especially as it means pulling out a certain number of employees from the production floor in order to get them into the training room. And if you belong to a company that has multiple sites throughout the country, scheduling of employees for certification, becomes a nightmare! And of course, other factors like training fees, logistics and extra manhours (for relievers) ADD to the challenge!

Here’s a rare opportunity to get 50 of your employees trained in First Aid with CPR AED (aka BLS) on September 15 and 16!


Aside from the reduced training fee, employees will each receive an international certification on First Aid coupled with a locally-compliant certificate!

CALL 02-257 5562 or 0932 882 0748 NOW to find out how to AVAIL of this GREAT DEAL!