James Letzel

James Letzel

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jim Letzel has an extensive international Senior Executive background within fortune 500 and other leading companies within print, sourcing and supply chain management, including organizations such as RR Donnelley and Print Pacific Ltd. Within his responsibilities and accomplishments, Jim has been a pioneer for the expansion of Multi-national Corporation’s footprint in Asia for delivery of their products and services.

Due to his extensive experience and growing need for large corporations to establish cost effective and efficient international infrastructure, Jim formed his own company in 2002. This successful venture included working with companies such as Apple, Chrysler Motors and Costco. One of the early clients included the American Heart Association as our organization was tasked with developing a global distribution and supply chain, supporting their cardiovascular programs. Ultimately, this partnership generated the formation of a separate Training Solutions company, which today is known as GTO (Global Training Organization).

Today, GTO is a top ranked training solutions company, providing “best in class” education utilizing international/worldwide as well as local market accreditations. GTO’s course portfolios include professional level training as well as programs for the general public and for all market segments and industries.

Jim is married and lives in Orange County, California.

Johan Hultman

Johan Hultman


Johan joined the GTO team in 2013 bringing 15 years of international operations, Sales and consulting experience from global brands such as Wal-Mart International, DSC Communications and Alcatel-Lucent.

His most recent role prior to joining GTO was as the Director of Operations for the American Heart Association. In this role, he was responsible for expanding the International mission objectives of the AHA to contribute to the reduction of the global burden of cardiovascular disease and stroke through collaboration with global partners and through knowledge transfer of its proven programs and strategies.

Johan led the International ECC Program from a newly formed program to a global presence with activities in 140 countries supporting the AHA mission. In addition, he served as Director for Asia Pacific as well as product development lead for AHA international materials, winning numerous AHA accomplishment awards during his tenure.

As President of GTO, he is in charge of developing all current markets as well as the expansion of our programs across all continents. This includes all continued increase of GTO services, products and infrastructure, building our organization into the preeminent training solutions provider in all our markets.

A native of Sweden, Johan has attended Uppsala University and received his Bachelor of Science in Business from Trinity University in San Antonio Texas. He comes from a medical family and is currently married with two children, residing and based in Dallas, Texas, USA.

John Delapena

John Delapena

Corporate Secretary/Vice President of Finance

As VP of Finance, John oversees the financial complexities associated with a corporation with global offices, operations, and scale, and continues to improve and manage the quickly expanding breadth of the financial treasury and planning associated with that expansion.

Prior to joining the company, John already worked in Finance for his family’s business where he developed their accounting system and financial protocols. He remained in that position until immigrating to America in 2004. In this role, he greatly diversified the portfolio into real estate and global trading.

In his previous role as Director of Finance, John was also responsible for leading GTO’s initial expansion into the Philippine market as well as the organization’s foreign market organization and structure, expanding our establishment on all four continents. In 2014, John was promoted to Vice President of Finance and Treasury due to his successful work with the globalized financial task force. In this role, he oversees the company’s diverse structural network of accounting teams throughout the world, supporting the growing GTO business and presence.

John enjoys playing golf, cycling, traveling, and being with his family. He and his wife Angeli, of 7 years have two children, Riley, and Ethan.