This course is designed essentially with people at the workplace specifically in mind, providing established concepts that would help foster safer and healthful working environments. The course generally aims to raise the level of awareness among the workers in the various ways of keeping the workplace safe, and in the event of accidents or mishaps, address and manage accordingly.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Recognize workplace emergency situations
  • Provide workplace safety management actions including:-
    • AEDs and Emergency – AED Use
    • Recognition / Assessment of Emergency
    • Activating Emergency and Disaster Response Plan
    • CPR for Adult
    • Choking for Adult
    • First Aid Basics
    • Rescuer duties / victim and rescuer safety
    • Phoning for Help
    • Finding the Problem
    • After the Emergency
    • Medical Emergencies / Sudden Illness
    • Heart attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Seizure, Breathing Difficulty caused by Asthma
    • Severe Allergic Reaction
    • Seizures
    • Shock
  • Injury Emergencies
    • Personal Protection – Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Soft Tissue Injuries (Bleeding Control)
    • Muscle and Bone Injuries (head, neck, back and spine injuries; broken bones and sprains)
  • Burns and electrical injuries
  • Poisoning – Ingested / Inhaled Poison
  • Environmental Emergencies
    • Heat Emergencies
    • Emergency Moves / Evacuation Plan
  • Overview on Disaster Management
    • Before, During and After Earthquake or Typhoon

Course certification requires successful demonstration skills in Basic First Aid and Adult CPR. Certification is valid for 2 years.